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Tips for Living on a Canal Boat

Can you live on a canal boat in the UK?

Yes, you can live on a canal boat in the UK. There are many people who do this and it can be a very enjoyable way of life. There are some things to consider though, such as the weather and how much space you have on the boat.

Is living on a canal boat expensive?

Yes, living on a canal boat can be expensive. The cost of mooring, diesel, and other running costs can add up. However, many people find the lifestyle very rewarding and are willing to pay the extra costs.

How many miles of canals are there in the UK?

There are approximately 4,000 miles of canals in the United Kingdom. The majority of these are located in England, with around 3,000 miles. Wales has around 500 miles, Scotland has around 200 miles, and Northern Ireland has around 50 miles.

Do you need a licence to operate a canal boat in the UK?

No, you do not need a licence to operate a canal boat in the UK. However, you must be registered with the Canal & River Trust and have a valid boat insurance policy in place.

How many people can comfortably live in one canal boat?

A canal boat can comfortably accommodate up to four people. However, if you are planning on living on the boat full-time, you may want to consider a larger vessel.

More Travel Options


Did you know it would take you approximately two months to cycle around the UK? This is based on an average cycling speed of 10 miles per hour and assumes that you would be cycling for eight hours each day. Of course, this is just a rough estimate and your actual time may vary depending on your individual circumstances.


There are many cruises that depart from the UK, with destinations including the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, the Canary Islands and even further afield to the Caribbean and beyond. So whether you're looking for a relaxing break in the sun or an action-packed adventure, there's sure to be a cruise that's perfect for you.

Motorhome Rental Tips

What To Look Out For When You Rent Your Motorhome

Everyone loves to enjoy the great outdoors and having your own mobile home is the perfect way to do that. With just a little planning, it’s easy to have everything you need for a carefree camping and motorhome trip. 

However, renting a motorhome can be a little more challenging than taking other forms of camping, because there are so many things you need to know about. 

It can seem like an intimidating experience for those who are new to doing it, but with just a little bit of preparation, it doesn’t have to be too nerve-wracking. The following tips will help you through the process of renting your first motorhome and make sure you have as good an experience as possible!

Check The Motorhome’s Condition Before You Rent It

One of the best things you can do as soon as you rent your motorhome is to make sure it’s in good shape. This is especially important because if there are any problems with it during your trip, you will be responsible for them. You need to know what kind of condition it’s in when you pick it up and then report any issues to the rental company immediately. You should inspect all sides of the motorhome and check for any bump, scratches, tears or damage. You should also look under the vehicle and check for any oil, fuel or water leaks.

Make Sure You Have Everything You Need When You Arrive At Your Parking Location

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they are renting a motorhome is not having everything they need. They think everything will be provided for them. If you don't bring your own toiletries and towels etc., you're going to have a bad time and end up wasting money.

Final Words:

When travelling with a motorhome, you need to make sure that it is in good running order and that you have enough fuel for your trip. It’s also important to find out if you will be able to plug into power at your destination, as this will allow you to run the equipment inside the motorhome 24/7. You also want to make sure that the locations where you are planning to park up have a water supply, so that you don’t need to carry extra water with you. And lastly, before booking your trip, it’s wise to check the weather forecast so that you know what the conditions might be like when you arrive.